2018 Individual Entry

We are continuing to have a second category for individuals to enter the 2018 Legal Innovation Index. This category recognises individuals who are drivers of change and innovation, as thought and market leaders across the legal industry.

Entrants can nominate themselves or a peer. To be eligible to enter the 2018 Legal Innovation Index, the individual must have presided in Australia or New Zealand for the larger portion of the last 12 months.
The individual can be from any field of the legal industry, including, but not limited to: academia, counsel, law firm, entrepreneur.

The process

Please fill in your details on the entry form below.  Closing date for entries is 4th May 2018

Good luck!

The Index Winners will be presented in Sydney at a private event in July 2018 and published the following day.

Individual's Information

Nominator’s Contact Details

Answer the below FOUR questions around an innovation that this individual has implemented in the legal industry, inside or outside of their area of business, in the last 12 months (must be in Australia and/or New Zealand). Dot points or long form are both acceptable.

Question 1 - Innovation

Question 2 - Novelty

Question 3 - Method

Question 4 - Outcome

Please select each box that represents which category the individual falls under:


Supporting Information

If you have any supporting information you would like to include with your entry please add below, max 8Mb.

Alternatively send them to

Entries Close 4th May 2018


Award Authentication
Details of the respective award and winner’s mark are displayed publicly by the convenor in the form of a digital authentication page located on the program website(s). The award authentication outlines the award details, the organisation, and displays the winner’s mark in a standardised format for public reference. The award authentication can be viewed in various compatible modes including low and high resolution PDF files; mobile and PDA optimised pages; RSS feeds.
Media Release Template
A media release template are provided to each award recipient to assist in their own media and public relations activities.
Submission (Compulsory)
You are required to complete the submission that addresses the innovation criteria (refer to questions 2-3) for a specific innovation. Innovations can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, systems, technologies, developments, ventures and undertakings. The submission must use the form above.

Supporting Information (Optional)
You may include any relevant information enabling you to provide evidence where necessary to enhance, validate or illustrate points or claims contained in your submission (various forms of digital media is also acceptable where relevant). Please send any supporting information to innovationindex@jandersdean.com
Submitting Your Entry
You will receive email confirmation that your entry has been submitted. If you have not received confirmation shortly after submitting, please check your email client spam folder.
Entry Deadline
Entries are open and close on May 4th 2018 23:59 (AEST).

Privacy Notice

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